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Peabody and the Way-Bac Machine

Peabody & the Way-Bac Machine

I grew up in the first "garage band" era (the 2nd emanated from Seattle) and just love those classic 60's tunes. "Peabody and the Way-Bac Machine" is an exercise in capturing the excitement, and energy embodied by the simplicity of those great tunes. Sometimes we'll go out of genre but it's all in fun.

My main axe is an '88 Fender Telecaster that I picked up used in 1990. I saddled it with some wonderful Joe Barden pickups and have never looked back. I play through a Fender '63 Vibroverb reissue (when the drummer let's me borrow it, but have picked up a used Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb reissue for the those other times) cranked to 7, and very sparingly add a touch of drive or delay with an old Boss ME-5 multi-effects unit. I use D'Addario EXL110 strings (.010 - .046) strung with good clearance for no fret buzz during hard picking and stone picks (yes, crafted from real stone - absolutely no flex) for a bright bell-like tone and crisp attack. Who needs technique with a combo like this<g>. You can hear some wailing from one of my ancient rusty Lee Oscar harmonica's now and then as well.

Listen to a medley (damn those bootleggers) by "Peabody and the Way-Bac Machine" (Motto: "Peabody and the Way-Bac Machine" would be a good name for an oldies band) from our Shain Park concert at the 1997 Woodward Dream Cruise .

Peabody - medley small fairy1.1MB mp3 Live at Dream Cruise '97.


bullwinkle and lion

Peabody - Live!

The Woodward Dream Cruise was a smashing success. A little bit of rain couldn't stop the show or the fun. Sounds from this years DC98 will be available soon.

Pictures from the 1998 Woodward Dream Cruise now posted!

the flying squirrelHere's an idea: book the band for your next party, get together, dance, sock hop, or soiree.

This year we featured Tom Burns, winner of the 1993 Star Search $100,000 male vocalist competition, on lead vocals. Here's a few excerpts from Tom's CD, When Love Comes Down 1.3MB MP3.

Come on down August 15th to see some classic cars and hear some great oldies!sweeper

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Last modified: January 16, 2002