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Music by friends, family, and clients!

Jeremy Smith

Here are some songs my son Jeremy wrote and recorded in the home (pretty basic DAW) studio. It's a solo effort by Jeremy, with all parts either being played by him (guitar and vocal) or rendered via MIDI (drums and bass). Except for Flying Monkees which is from his band The Idea of Space

When Nothing Is Here 2.6MB MP3 Copyright Jeremy Smith
A Rainbow or a Swallow 3.5MB MP3 Copyright Jeremy Smith
Embers from the Sun 4.2MB MP3 Copyright Jeremy Smith
New! From "The Idea of Space" Flying Monkees 4.7MB MP3 Copyright Jeremy Smith

Randy Rare

Randy Resnick's "To Love". Wonderful guitar work. Randy is a master, ask John Mayall.

Erik Friedlander

If you know improvisational jazz then you know of Erik Friedlander. A talent of the highest order. Listen to music that speaks right to the soul. Film credits include "Dead Man Walking".


Peabody - Live!

The Woodward Dream Cruise was a smashing success. A little bit of rain couldn't stop the show or the fun. Sounds from the show will be available soon.


Last modified: January 16, 2002